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Wild Nature

Welcome to
The Bright River

Bright River is a collective of heart-centered businesses and projects by Jory Bright, Dean Lariviere, and our friends. 

We create meaningful projects and businesses with goals of personal growth, love, and prosperity. 

"The Bright River" symbolizes the happy place we can go to in our minds. It can also symbolize the beautiful community we can create in the real world around us. 

Businesses & Projects 

Bright Advertising 

Jory Bright promotes products, services, and business that she loves in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Have a local bu

Want new clients without taking a risk with advertising costs?

Bright Advertising 
runs the ads and does the networking for you, with no cost to you, other than a small commission once we bring you a sale.


Bright River Tees

Bright River Tees are inspirational t-shirts with our own quotes about manifestation, personal growth, and the universe. Our t-shirts come in over 20 different styles for women, men, and kids, including tank tops and hoodies. We also accept custom t-shirt quote orders. Please e-mail us if you would like a custom t-shirt made.

More Projects Coming Soon

We are creating great things. Stay tuned. 

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